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A meeting with the relevant official will only be entertained once the following procedure has been adhered to.
A Certified Copy of the following documents must be produced:
• Colour copy passport.
• Verifiable proof of funds, which ideally should be no more than four days old.
• Proof of permanent residency covering the last 3 years
• Two current utility bills dated within last three months appertaining to current residency.
• A letter of intent, declaring investor interest.
This information will provide the basis to carry out the stringent due diligence and necessary vetting required, which generally takes 4 days.
Upon completion of the due diligence process and a positive outcome, the Investor will meet with the Trader and or Platform Director to receive further information in respect of the offered program together with a sample Trading Contract/ Management Agreement.
Once the Investor is satisfied and approves the proposals and they wish to proceed further, he/she/they are then invited to meet with the Bank Officials sign the Management Agreement Contract and open the necessary accounts in the transacting bank.
Completion of the documentation and account opening should take approximately 5 working days. Trading will start from the following month after acceptance into the program.
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