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By Invitation Only

This booklet is presented by R Financial in order for the reader to understand the mechanics of Enhanced Investment Programs and Paper Trading.
Unfortunately not everybody can invest or be accepted into this type of program.
In order to be considered a suitable candidate the prospective investor will need to forward a letter of intent and demonstrate availability of good clean funds; provide notarised proof of identity and permanent place of residency for the past three years; be of good character, morally and ethically upstanding in order to pass the stringent criteria laid down by regulation and current Money Laundering Laws.
We at R Financial are not licensed traders. However, as a registered facilitator and introducer of business we are in a position to organize a meeting with either; Directors of the Platform; Trustees; Officers of the Bank and or the relevant Trader so that the Investor can gain a greater working knowledge, feel secure in the investment and be nominated as a candidate investor.
The Investor will need to prove that the funds being forwarded are good and clean and account for their origin. The funds can be cash, bearer bonds, unencumbered assets, a letter of credit or a private line of credit.
The investor can be a trust; corporate entity; single individual; partnership; limited liability partnership; a self invested pension (SIP) or a small self administered scheme (SSAS) or offshore company.
Banks, or any type of Financial Institution including Hedge Funds, Unit Trusts and Bond providers are prohibited from participation as investors.
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